"JIWO has been created to empower the Jain Women and provide a platform where all JAIN women regardless of their firkas and faith can converge to create a powerful movement for benefit of all."

Imparting proper values and sanskars to our children not only helps the family but the community and society at large. That’s Jainism treats woman and man as equal and are two sides of the same coin. For the benefit of women and to make them independent JIWO was established. JIWO is actively engaged in the progress of women.


To empower women in social, academic and economic fields and to enhance their Self- Esteem and Self – Reliance.


JIWO is committed to develop a platform to implement various activities and programs to strengthen the socio- economic status of women. It aims to empower women worldwide to achieve transformation through Leadership, Technology and Economic Prosperity. Our vision and mission mainly focuses on service, knowledge and echonominal empowerment i.e.Seva, Shiksha, Suraksha, Swavlambhan and Sanskar.


JIWO will provide opportunities to women of all ages for their personal growth, participation in economic activity, up gradation of personal and professional skills in order to help them professionally as well as the noble task of caring for the family and good upbringing of their children. All this will help them contribute of family values as well as for spiritual enhancement of the society.

JIWO aims at Education ( Shiksha), Service ( Seva), Values (Sanskar), Security (Suraksha), and self Reliance ( Swalamban ). When these five “S” are taken care of , it will help women to grow and at the same time the community and the society will grow.

As part of Seva, JIWO shall organize medical camps, health check up camps, Marriage Bureaus, Blood Banks , organize seminars on Jainism and promote Jain and Vegetarian food with a view to impart proper sanskar. Jain girls would be given scholarships for higher education; they would be encouraged to take up journalism and would be trained in the field. JIWO would also be training Jain Women in good parenting.

Keeping in mind the importance of economic empowerment of women, JIWO will run special courses for development of skills. Cottage Home industries form an important part of women’s financial growth. Our Jain women will be given proper guidance and training. Women will be trained by JIWO for financial management.

The aspect of women’s security (Financial and physical) would be taken care of by JIWO by giving them legal counseling, medical aid and psychological counseling.

JIWO’s aim is to help women of all age groups by encouraging them to enhance their abilities and capabilities through networking, seminars and job opportunities.